Call it Home


One of the first songs I ever wrote, “Call It Home,” still rings true for me today. In some ways, more so than it did when I wrote it at the ripe-old age of 19. It’s about looking back on the summers spent on Hornby Island, when, along with my brother, cousins, and friends we would have beach fires, play for hours outside, fly kites, sail, fish, swim, and ride bicycles.


I remember riding my bicycle on summer days and singing softly to myself, favourite songs I’d memorized such as the Gordon Lightfoot songs “Brave Mountaineers” and “Christian Island.” I hear some of those songs now and they take me back to these golden days when summer stretching out before me seemed endless.



Call it Home


Call it home, call it heaven, rain begins to fall

I look out on the ocean, I hear the seagull call

Sounds take my mind to the years that have gone by\

Songs fill my heart with a warmth inside


[ Chorus ]\

Call it home, call it heaven, this feeling leads me there\

Rain on the window tells me how much I care\

Soon I’ll be home, where once again I’ll live\

It’s my heaven on earth and the memories are a gift


Call it home, call it heaven, all the memories let me fly\

Through the summer afternoons on the country roads I’d ride\

When the evening came I’d be back home again\

Not knowing that the days would ever end




So here I sit all alone, music gently plays\

A familiar voice takes me back to my younger days\

Sometimes I sense a feeling of despair\

Knowing that the years have all disappeared




© John McLachlan (SOCAN)