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50 Years Since Sit Down Young Stranger

Released 2020

The first in a series of "50 Years Since..." recordings of Gordon Lightfoot's early 1970s albums. 

This recording features John McLachlan (vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica) with Marc Atkinson (lead guitar), and Scott White (acoustic bass).

Cover - Rhythm in my Run.png

Rhythm in my Run

Released 2019

Recorded “live off the floor,” this album features 12 songs by John McLachlan who is joined by Marc Atkinson on lead electric guitar and keyboards, and Scott White on electric bass.

McLachlan Sings Lightfoot Album cover

McLachlan Sings Lightfoot

Released 2018

This somewhat eclectic collection of songs is drawn from Gordon Lightfoot’s vast repertoire. Many are well-known, and some a little obscure, yet, they are all gems in their own way. 

Time Broke Album Cover

Time Broke

Released 2018

Time is his muse where the songs express the honest feelings of the characters, real or fictional, who all face the blunt truth of time, and how it can leave regret, joy, sadness, or peace.

Wind and Bones Album Cover

Wind & Bones

Released 2017

The album is inhabited by characters from today and yesterday who are out to find the illusive “somewhere,” to arrive at it somehow; to prove something by getting there.

Call it Home Album Cover

Call it Home

Released 2016

Inspired by his home on Hornby Island, BC, the songs range from the first ferry service and its captain, to a poignant memory of his dad’s 8mm home movies from the 60s. Its themes are personal and universal. 

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