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McLachlan concert a delight!”  

Prince George Citizen


British Columbia folk singer John McLachlan presents original songs hand-woven from his own roots and the history and salty air of Canada’s west coast.

90-Minutes (two sets) concert performance featuring original songs written and performed by John McLachlan (acoustic guitar, vocals)

Also available as a duo or trio with Marc Atkinson (lead guitar, mandolin) and Scott White (bass)

Moving from wild waters of the west coast, vast landscapes of the North, and big open spaces of the Prairies to the minutiae of life on a small island, John’s performances are a heartfelt journey narrated by yearning for adventure and love of home.

Original songs of reminiscence and nostalgia, drawn from John’s 30 year repertoire, include: “Chief Thunderbird,” based on Andy Cruikshank, the 1920s pilot who introduced commercial air service to Yukon; “Shingle Spit,” a unique take on a section of shoreline near John’s home on Hornby Island; and “Standard 8,” a poignant ballad tracing the passage of time through his father’s 8mm colour home movies.

Who is that waving to us from the past? Performer plus images become the camp-fire around which long forgotten stories are told and memories shared, taking the audience on both an inward and outward journey of poignant transformation. 

“You do so many things in the course of a show, quite other than the wonderful music you make; I love the way you so graciously thank people, the way you talk to your audiences, your sense of humor.” (audience member feedback)

McLachlan took centre stage and showed us why he has built a loyal following—He has a strong and versatile repertoire which includes both contemporary and traditional pieces.” The Vancouver Sun
John McLachlan Standing (Photo by Zsofin Sheehy
Solo Show: Widget
Solo Show: Welcome

A optional backdrop of projected images, video and old home movies infuse an intimate touch to lyrical story-songs which move from the personal to the universal to invite audiences to open a door into their own experience.

Solo Show: Project
Solo Show: Welcome

Space and time shapes us. We move through it. It inspires us to go to places unknown. There, the songs begin.

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