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Early Morning Rain: The Songs of Gordon Lightfoot
John Mclachlan with Marc Atkinson & Scott White

John McLachlan’s trio has chosen over 25 songs from Lightfoot’s first ten, prolific years (1966 through 1976), and lovingly arranged in ways that make them familiar to anyone who followed his music, but also fresh for those who have never heard them before...

Call it Home
A Multimedia Concert

This 75-minute concert features ten songs from John's album Call it Home, about summer holidays on Hornby Island in the 60s and 70s and growing up with this place strongly rooted in John's heart. Home movies and old photographs are projected which add a rich dimension to a show that anyone can relate to who spent golden times in the summers of their youth.

Call it Home

John presents a compelling concert in small listening venues (house concerts, small clubs) to larger theatres. The show can be accompanied by his multi-media presentation projected on or next to the stage/performance area or just him, his guitar, and songs. John presents concerts solo or as a duo or trio.

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